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Holistic Health InvernessI am passionate about living life with purpose and I have spent years studying different modalities of health and healing. I have learned how our emotions deeply affect our bodies and if not expressed they eventually will express themselves through the body and it stops us from getting the very best from our life!

I've embarked on a personal journey many years ago now of healing and wellness that has led me to new core beliefs about who I am and how I choose to live my life.
I am deeply committed to my personal journey, as I believe we never stop learning and I continue to attend workshops, classes and courses to keep improving my skills and learning new ones. My desire is to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques (which a lot are proving to be ancient techniques!) to be able to offer others the best available service.

On my journey I met my partner Robert who is also passionate about health and wellness and he is also available to carry out certain modalities and has a vision for the future in assisting others with theirs. I was born and bred in the Highlands of Scotland and love my Scottish heritage and I gain strength in the lochs, sea and mountains. Robert is also a fellow Scot and Celt and we often take off into the hills to re-charge with nature.

Shamanic Practitioner: Soul Retrieval

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice which is known to humankind. From evidence of archaeological works we know it was practiced all over the world for at least 40,000 years but many believe it dates back even further.

A shaman is a woman or man who perform a variety of ceremonies for the community and take on many roles in communities ie, doctors, priests, healers, psychotherapists and more.

It's believed that whenever we suffer a physical or emotional trauma that part of our soul will leave the body in order to survive the experience. This event might cause soul loss in one person but not in another. It may be a good thing as it helps us to survive the pain. Our psyches have built in self protection which causes flight or fright responses. I like to add freeze to this as some of us get stuck in this mode.

The definition of soul is our essence, our life force or the part of our vitality that keeps us thriving and alive.

From the shamanic point of view that although it is a survival mechanism it will not come back on its own, it may be lost and does not know the trauma has passed and it is ok to return.

Psychology would call this disassociation and does not say where the part has gone so the shaman goes to the place that is called non ordinary reality where its believed to be and track it down and return it to the body of the client.

The types of trauma that could cause soul loss in our culture would be an accident being in a war, a victim of attack, natural disaster, any kind of abuse, physical, emotional or sexual, addictions, divorce or death of a loved one.

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Breathwork Practitioner

We need to breath to live and it can influence our mental, emotional and physical states. It is to learn conscious control of the breath and during the session you are lying down in a comfortable positon being supported while you go through deep healing as you drop into your subconscious and indeed into every cell of your body.

This process can release trauma, mental blockages are removed and it will guide you to awaken your own inate raw energy and can assist with major healing in the body.

Reiki Master/Teacher

I teach and attune others to Reiki, which is generally divided into three levels.

  • Level One: you learn the history and receive attunements to help to develop your own abilities and self treatments . Once attuned you have it for life.
  • Level Two: allows you to channel Reiki at a distance and work with symbols to empower and enhance the energy and intentions. You get to practice and learn of the symbols on the workshop.
  • Level Three: opens you to channel greater degrees of Reiki energy than the other two levels and you receive another master symbol(s).

Holistic Health InvernessYou will then be empowered to perform attunements and teach your own Reiki levels and are called masters (as you continue to master Reiki) this can prepare you for teaching level.

I continue to do personal development with all aspects of my mind, body and spirit and at present I am partaking in a Spiritual Leadership and Spiritual Emergence(y) Coaching courses and I'm signed up for Mindfulness Teacher training along with learning how to take people Fire Walking. These will be completed in 2016/7.

I cannot be in service to others unless I am in service to myself first and foremost. This is why I continue daily practice in keeping myself in equilibrium to assist others with their journey to achieve the same!

The Human Toolbox

The Human Toolbox - Authorised Practitioner

(Human Toolbox sessions are also available via Skype.)

As a qualified Human Toolbox Practitioner I can introduce you to your powerful in-built Human Tools. The Human Tools have evolved over millions of years to keep you safe, balanced and joyful. This visual, engaging programme raises awareness, lowers anxiety, builds confidence and provides a platform for positive change and improved emotional and physical wellbeing.

The programme is designed for those suffering from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, dependency, weight issues, sleeplessness, inability to form or sustain relationships, lack of direction, low motivation or poor physical health.

What will I learn?

There are six powerful HUMAN TOOLS:

The CONTROL TOOL - the human brain plays a vital role in keeping you alive, safe and emotionally balanced. Understanding more about how the upper and lower brains work will help you become less REACTIVE and more RESPONSIVE to the world around you.

The INPUT TOOLS ensure your brain receives the best information possible to keep you safe and well. Tuning in to your sensory systems, and your intelligent gut and heart will improve your focus, concentration and intuition. You will also learn about your incredible vagus nerve - the link between mind and body.

You have a personal BACK-UP TOOL or 'emotional hard drive' which is vital for your emotional wellbeing. Understanding how the BACK-UP tool works will help you deal with stress and anxiety.

Your brilliant RELEASE TOOLS are available 24 hours a day. You have everything you need to relieve stress and anxiety instantly and as you learn to use your Release Tools you will begin to feel more energised and in control of your life.

Humans burn a lot of fuel and you have a powerful set of FUEL TOOLS which let you know EXACTLY what type of fuel you need to keep you motivated, energised and feeling GREAT!

Humans are social animals and the CONNECT TOOLS will help you make healthy, loving and enduring relationships.

I would be delight to lead you through the Human Toolbox Programme in a 1:1 setting or a small group setting. Sessions are designed to be engaging, inspiring and transformative. Human Toolbox sessions are also available via Skype.

Life will never be the same again...

Spiritual Emergence(y) Coach

As a Certified Spiritual Emergence Coach, I facilitate support groups for individuals wanting to navigate a safe and fulfilling process of spiritual awakening. We share experiences and resources about spiritual evolution.
This universal, natural life process may sometimes be challenging as well as exhilarating--and is quite different than what is described as mental illness even though it may involve some moodiness and extreme states of consciousness.
Peer support has proven to be stabilizing as well as encouraging and inspiring for those in spiritual crisis.

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"My own running times improved after only one session of breathwork. It was amazing!" - Anonymous

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"Fantastic breath work sessions with Lorna, calm, comforting, safe space held by Lorna facilitated shift of blockages, right from session one I was aware of the shift." - Pam M

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"Lorna Munro is not only a highly competent Reiki Master but a truly amazing person. Her compassion, encouragement, enthusiasm and guidance have been truly inspiring. I can't think of anyone i would have rather shared my Reiki journey with. Lorna made me feel at ease from day one Reiki 1 and continued to help me grow in confidence right through to my Master degree. It has been an honour to train under her. For anyone contemplating training in Reiki, give Lorna a call you won't regret it." - Janice

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"I've been for massages in India, Thailand and Egypt and the Hot Bamboo from Lorna was such an amazing experience. Wow, I'm floating! Highly recommend this." - Aimee

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"Highly recommend a visit to the lovely Lorna for Bowen treatment if you have any health issues. Bowen is the only thing that has ever cured my Sciatica. I had a trip to A&E this time and lots of strong painkillers but after ONE session with Lorna I was loads better and within 24hrs was back walking to work! Not had any painkillers in over a week yeeeehaaaa!! Thanks Lorna xx" - Hilary

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"Had a massage today and I can honestly say never had one like it. I suffer really bad lower back pain and it's amazing after just one massage how much better it feels! Can't wait for next one! Thanks so much! Lovely customer service too! Faultless!!!" - Anonymous

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"Most people don't really know what true wellness is. Most people have no idea what it means to take care of their health, and have no idea that our physical well being has a LOT to do with our mental, emotional, and spiritual well being!" - Anita Moorjani

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"I went to see Lorna for an extraction/soul retrieval after receiving a reiki treatment and reiki attunement from her. We had arranged it the week before and 2 days before I was due to see her I was involved in a rather unfortunate incident at work where I was physically assaulted by a patient. Physically I had a lucky escape but emotionally, mentally and spiritually I felt ruined. I didn't sleep for 2 nights after it; I couldn't stop crying; I couldn't bear to be left alone but I was also terrified to be around people; the emotions I experienced were too traumatic to even try to describe and write down. I honestly thought "This is it..I'm broken and there's no mending".

I remember walking the short distance from my house to Lornas shop and wanting to run because of the terror and anxiety that was coursing through my body. For anyone who hasn't met lorna or hasn't been to her shop, the minute you cross the front door and sit in her company you know you are in safe and kind hands, it's impossible not to.

After speaking a little bit about what had happened Lorna briefly explained what the treatment would entail. Although I was feeling comforted in her presensce my anxiety levels were still through the roof and I still felt despondent and that nothing would alleviate the pain I was in.

The only word to describe the treatment itself was INTENSE! I was completely unaware of time and place which was such a blessing with the type of days I'd been having before.After the treatment had ended the anxiety and horrible sensations I'd been feeling in my solar plexus had lessened a little bit. I walked home and as each minute passed I could feel "things" easing and lifting: within 2-3 hours every horrible physical sensation I'd been experiencing non-stop for 2 days had COMPLETELY vanished. The flashbacks of the assault had stopped and there wasn't a single negative feeling/emotion to be felt within myself it was INCREDIBLE! My partner (who had been been with me constantly since the assault) was lost for words, she couldn't believe the transformation in me emotionally and even physically. I slept soundly for 10 hours that night (without the light on!) and woke up in a state of pure bliss and joy (which rarely happens!)

I wont lie and say the last 4 weeks since the assault have all been plain sailing. I know for a fact though that the crisis situation that occurred after it would still be in full swing and I'd be medicated up to the hilt on pharmaceuticals and my life would be intolerable. If I hadn't put myself in Lorna's extraordinarily kind and healing hands. Since the treatment, as each day passes, I'm starting to see a lot of things in my life are "falling into place". Creative abilities that seemed lost to me, perhaps due to trauma throughout my life, have returned and things that have troubled or confused me from what feels like day do seem to make sense to me. Now it's wonderful.

If I was to give Lorna and/or her extraction/soul retrieval treatment a rating out of ten it would have to be a hundred and ten! I CANNOT recommend the treatment and Lorna enough and there aren't words to express my utmost gratitude to her for helping me to heal at such a despairing and inconsolable point in my life." - Anonymous

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